Nicky Jam x Fume

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Flavor: 69 Banana
Introducing the FUME X Nicky Jam Disposable Vape Pen – a cutting-edge collaboration delivering 10,000 puffs of premium flavor. Curated by the legend himself, Nicky Jam, this 19ml rechargeable device features a powerful 650mAh battery, mesh coil technology for enhanced taste, and an LED display for real-time updates. More than just a vape, it's a lifestyle crafted for an unparalleled celebrity experience at your fingertips. Elevate your vaping game with the future-forward features of Nicky Jam x Fume.

Discover a Diverse Lineup of Bold Flavors.

69 Bananas
A genteel blend, where ripe banana sweetness gracefully waltzes with a cool, icy embrace, captivating.

Black Hat Black Ice
A bold encounter, dark allure melds with crisp icy whispers.

Cangri Bear
A whimsical soiree, succulent mango entwines with playful gummy bear sweetness, evoking youthful indulgence.

El Ganador
A refined rendezvous, luscious mango and vibrant kiwi converge, orchestrating a sweet, tangy melody.

Fantasia Fume
An elegant soiree, where luscious grape gracefully mingles with zesty kiwi, creating refined, fruity notes.

Fenix Beach
A genteel alliance, where sweet blueberry whispers tenderly merge with exotic coconut murmurs, captivating senses.

Fresh Whine Up
A sublime affair; tender strawberry embraces lush watermelon, creating a dance of sweet refreshment

Lush Medellin
An exquisite chill, the tender caress of sweet, luscious fruits kissed by a cool breeze.

Menta En La Disco
A refreshing fusion, chilling mint gracefully dances with cool ice.

Miami Mint
A refined liaison, succulent gently waltzes with sweet mint, orchestrating a delightful, refreshing serenade.

Ojos Rojos
A sumptuous ballet, where rich cherry delicately twirls amidst a medley of ripe, sweet berries.

Peach XXX
A delicate dalliance unfolds as ripe peach sweetness kisses cool icy tendrils, evoking serenity

Sweet Gatas
A genteel rendezvous where tender strawberry whispers softly intertwine with lush banana murmurs, enchanting senses.

Toy A Mil
An unadorned vessel, crafted for the purist, delivering a stark, unembellished nicotine essence, devoid of flavor's whimsical dalliance.

Yellow Amanecer
An opulent gathering, where mango, banana, and pineapple delicately entwine in tropical flavor harmony

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