ELFBAR | Lost Mary MO5000

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Flavors: Alphonso Mango Ice
Introducing the Lost Mary MO5000, a stylish marvel in disposable vaping. Driven by a 1.2 Ω advanced mesh coil, the MO5000 ensures premium puffs with each draw, offering pure clouds and instant satisfaction. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, while the see-through mouthpiece adds a touch of color to every vape. Built to last with strong power delivery, the MO5000 offers non-stop satisfaction and durability. Embrace the future of vaping with Lost Mary MO5000 – where style, convenience, and performance converge.

Discover a Diverse Lineup of Bold Flavors.

Alphonso Mango Ice: Sweet and succulent mango flavor with a refreshing icy twist, providing a tropical and cooling sensation.

Berry Rose Duo: A delightful blend of assorted berries infused with the delicate essence of rose, offering a complex and fruity taste.

Blackcurrant Mint: Rich blackcurrant flavor combined with cool mint, delivering a refreshing and fruity minty vape.

Blueberry Raspberry Ice: Juicy blueberry and tangy raspberry with a cool icy finish, providing a refreshing and fruity vaping experience.

Blue Trio: A trio of blueberry varieties blended together, offering a layered and vibrant blueberry taste.

Cherry Blossom Grape: Sweet cherry blossom flavor paired with ripe grape, providing a fruity vaping sensation.

Colombian Coffee Ice: Rich and bold Colombian coffee flavor with a refreshing icy twist, perfect for coffee enthusiasts seeking a cool vape.

Fuji Duo Ice: Crisp Fuji apple flavor paired with a hint of sweetness and a cooling ice finish, offering a refreshing fruity vape.

Gami: A unique and exotic blend of flavors, providing a complex and intriguing vaping experience.

Ginger Beer: Sweet ginger flavor combined with refreshing soda notes, offering a delightfully zesty taste.

Grape Cloudd: Sweet grape flavor with cloud-like sweetness, providing a satisfyingly fruity vape.

Guava Ice: Tropical guava flavor with a refreshing icy kick, delivering a smooth and cooling sensation.

Iced Peach Colada: Ripe peach blended with creamy coconut and a refreshing icy twist, offering a tropical and creamy vape.

Kiwi Dragon Duo Ice: Exotic kiwi and dragon fruit flavor with a cool ice finish, providing a refreshing and fruity vaping experience.

Kiwi Dragon Fruit Berry Ice: A fusion of tangy kiwi, exotic dragon fruit, and assorted berries with a refreshing icy twist, delivering a complex and fruity taste.

Lemon Sparkling Wine: Zesty lemon flavor with hints of sparkling wine, offering a refreshing and sophisticated vaping experience.

Mango Peach Watermelon: A harmonious blend of sweet mango, juicy peach, and refreshing watermelon, providing a delightful fruity fusion.

Pineapple Apple Pear: Sweet pineapple, crisp apple, and juicy pear flavors blended together, offering a refreshing and fruity vape.

Plum Rose Mint: Rich plum flavor infused with delicate rose notes and a cooling mint finish, providing a delicately sweet and refreshing taste.

Pure: A clean and straightforward flavor, offering a simple and refreshing vaping experience.

Triple Berry Ice: A trio of juicy berries with a cool icy twist, providing a refreshing and fruity vape.

Tropical Fruit: A medley of exotic tropical fruits, offering a complex and vibrant fruity vaping sensation.

Sour Gummy Mint: Tangy sour gummy candy flavor with a refreshing minty twist, providing a unique and refreshing taste.

Strawberry Ice: Sweet strawberry flavor with a refreshing icy kick, delivering a smooth and cooling sensation.

Strawberry Kiwi Ice: Ripe strawberry and tangy kiwi with a cool menthol finish, offering a refreshing and fruity vape.

Watermelon Cherry: Juicy watermelon flavor paired with sweet cherry, providing a delightful fruity combination.

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