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Flavor: Banana Ice

Introducing the HQD Cuvie Air Disposable, a sleek and powerful vaping device that's perfect for those who crave convenience without compromising on flavor. With a massive 1600mAh battery capacity and a power range of 7~12W, this disposable vape promises an impressive 4000 puffs of pure satisfaction.

Discover a Diverse Lineup of Bold Flavors.

Banana Ice: A blend of ripe banana flavor with a refreshing menthol or ice undertone for a cool and fruity vaping experience.

Black Ice: Likely a combination of blackcurrant or blackberry with a menthol or cooling element for a sweet and cool sensation.

Blue Razz: A blue raspberry flavor, often a mix of sweet and tart notes, providing a vibrant and fruity vaping experience.

Blueberry Lemonade: A combination of juicy blueberries and zesty lemonade, creating a sweet and tangy vaping experience.

Cotton Candy: A sugary and sweet flavor reminiscent of the classic cotton candy found at fairs and carnivals.

Frozen Choco: Likely a chocolate-flavored vape with a cold or icy twist for a chocolatey and refreshing taste.

Grapey: A grape-flavored vape, offering the taste of ripe grapes, which can vary from sweet to slightly tart.

Cola Gummies: A flavor inspired by cola-flavored gummy candies, combining cola soda taste with gummy candy sweetness.

Honeycrisp Apple: A vape juice that captures the crisp and sweet flavor of honeycrisp apples, known for their juicy and refreshing taste.

Kiwi Lemonade: A fusion of the tropical and slightly tart kiwi fruit with the tanginess of lemonade for a balanced and fruity blend.

Lush Ice: Typically a watermelon flavor with a menthol or ice component, providing a refreshing and cooling sensation.

Lychee Ice: Lychee, a sweet and exotic fruit, combined with a menthol or icy touch for a refreshing and unique vaping experience.

Mint Chip: Likely inspired by mint chocolate chip ice cream, offering a combination of minty freshness and chocolate richness.

Peach Ice: A vape juice featuring the sweet and juicy taste of peaches, often with a cooling menthol element for a refreshing twist.

Pineapple Ice: Pineapple flavor with a menthol or ice note, providing a tropical and cooling vaping experience.

Rainbow: A colorful and fruity blend, often a mix of various fruit flavors, offering a diverse and vibrant taste.

Russian Cream: A creamy and rich flavor profile, possibly inspired by Russian desserts, with a smooth and indulgent taste.

Sky Mint: Likely a minty flavor with a refreshing and airy quality, providing a clean and cool vaping sensation.

Strawberry Coconut: A combination of sweet strawberries and creamy coconut, offering a tropical and fruity vaping experience.

Strawberry Mango: A fusion of ripe strawberries and juicy mangoes for a sweet and tropical flavor.

Strawberry Watermelon: A blend of sweet strawberries and refreshing watermelon for a fruity and summery vaping experience.

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