Cookies Dual Chamber Live Resin Vape (1g)

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Cookies 5G Vape: London Pound Cake & Apples Bananas

Cookies Dual Chamber Disposable Vapes pack the power of two iconic strains into one device. Switch strains with one click for the perfect hit or smoke them both at the same time.

This vape has two tanks, each filled with 0.5g of cured rosin and equipped with two atomizers, Cookies Dual Chamber Vapes deliver a true dual-strain experience.

Ingredients: THCa, Natural Turpenes


Mexican Flan & Cheetah Piss
Mexican flan is a hybrid of two renowned cannabis strains of ice cream cake and animal mints. Cookies mexican flan describes this weed strain as having a unique bittersweet caramel and gassy aroma, in addition to flavor reminiscent of sugar that has been caramelized and caramel flan. Cheetah piss is the perfect trifecta of lemonnade, gelato 42, and london poundcake 97. Its terpene profile is funky just like cat piss, reminding consumers of sweet gelato upfront and funky lemon cakey finish.

Triple Scoop & Georgia Pie
Triple scoop is an indica-leaning hybrid produced by crossing the legendary lemon cherry gelato and honey bun strains. This strain delivers the right flavor – a noticeable punch of rainbow sherbet ice cream with candied fruit and gas. Georgia pie is an indica-dominant strain cross of gelatti and kush mints. Its potent aroma of peach cobbler and savory baked fruit will leave all connoisseurs impressed.

London Pound Cake & Apples and Bananas
London pound cake #75 combines a sweet aroma with a menthol and musk og flavor. Cookies London Pound Cake delivers a sweet and spicy flavor with a diesel and nutty undertone. Apples and bananas is a heavenly sativa hybrid strain created by combining now n later and jet fuel gelato. Apples and Bananas features flavors like apple, pear, and tree fruit.



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