Dummy Classic

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Dummy Vape Classic: Mango

Introducing Dummy Classic, where cutting-edge features redefine your vaping experience. With an impressive 8000 puffs per device, smooth flavors, a built-in digital screen for easy monitoring, and a sleek metallic design, it's time to upgrade your vape game. Discover the future of vaping with Dummy Classic.

Discover a diverse lineup of 10 bold flavors, including 4 refreshing iced options.

*Blackberry Ice: A unique blend of sweet blackberries and a hint of ice for a refreshing burst of fruity flavor.
*Banana Ice: Creamy banana sweetness with a touch of ice for a smooth and refreshing treat.
*Blueberry: Sweet and slightly tart with hints of honey and vanilla for a fresh and fruity taste.
*Cucumber Lemon Mint: Bright fusion of cucumber, and mint for an invigorating, and spicy notes, and subtly sweet with a hint of citrus for a refreshing choice.
*Grape: Sweet and juicy grape flavor with a hint of tartness, balancing sweet and tart for a perfect summer fruit flavor.
*Watermelon Ice: Sweet, crisp, juicy watermelon flavor perfectly blended with a touch of invigorating ice for a refreshingly cool vaping experience. Lemon ,light flavor.
*Clear: Light, offering a bright and indulgent tropical taste.
*Raspberry Peach: A delightful mix of juicy raspberries and ripe peaches, perfect for desserts and fruity creations.
*Mint Ice: Refreshingly cool and minty with a touch of menthol for a frosty, revitalizing experience.
*Mango: A complex blend of sweet-sour

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